Glass Beetle Tattoo, Santa Rosa CA: Drue

Drue Thomas was born in florida and raised in Santa Rosa, CA. Introduced into art at a early age and then graffiti in his teens. In his early 20’s went to the Academy Of Art University in San Fransico to study Illustration and fine art. After school moved back to Santa Rosa to work construction and started building a portfolio as a commission painter and doing art shows. At a art show he met Kevin Drake whom bought all of his paintings and traded one for a tattoo. At that tattoo appiontment is where he found that this is something he wanted to do and started apprenticing for Kevin Drake. After extensive training and drawing everyday for a couple years he started tattooing. Fast foward 5 years and now he is constantly pushing himself in tattooing.

He finds himself drawn to black and grey realism but loves to do neo traditional. The aspect of puting every last detail in a tattoo and pushing the envelope is what he stives to accomplish in every tattoo he does.

Drue's Portfolio